Brand Plan Academy takes you through the key decisions needed to help you launch your personal brand so that you can impact others, elevate your organization and attract more opportunities with intention. 


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Brand Plan Academy helps you take action on your personal brand  - plain and simple.

Before I tell you all about this program, let's talk about who this is really for....

You're a B2B sales professional looking to increase your business and experience more career opportunities.


Whether you're....

🏹 a hotel or destination sales professional who is passionate about building relationships but tired of traditional ways of prospecting to people who don't know you

🏹 a meeting or event planner who wants to stand out from your competition and communicate your unique offering to clients and stakeholders.

🏹 a restauranteur, sommelier, bartender or server who believes building a customer experience can grow your sales and retention.

You're in the right place, and I'm going to show you how you can uncover your uniqueness, and put it into action  so that you can influence others and drive opportunities.


"Leanne has an engaging teaching style that allows one to dive deep into who we are, and what we want to do with our brands.

I used Brand Plan Academy to gain a better understanding of who I am and my branding goals.  Now I'm speaking at events and I'm more confident to share about myself and my organization.  

Brand Plan Academy is a thorough resource I can easily refer back to and make changes to my brand as needed. I'm not afraid to try new things and I'm assuredly stepping out as the face and voice of my organization!"

Stephanie Lynch, CMP, DES

Manager, Partnerships and Projects, Explore Edmonton

By the end of this 7-week online program, you will have:

A crystal-clear view of your customer's profile

You will understand your customer's challenges and questions and how your brand can influence them to make purchasing decisions with you. 

Clarity on what makes you unique

You will do a deep dive into all facets of your personality, and how you can set yourself apart in the market.

A focused content-delivery strategy 

You will have determined how you can reach your customers and where you can extent them the invitation to get to know you better

The confidence to create content 

Whether you're interacting with someone else's content or creating your own thought-pieces, you'll have the confidence to put your brand out there, and engage your customers through inbound marketing.

A personalized Brand Book and time-management plan!

Your growing brand will be documented throughout the course, leaving you with a resource material like no other including tools to manage your personal brand with the time you have.  This is where it gets real in your life!

But above all else.....

Brand Plan Academy will give you the confidence to finally express your personal brand and set yourself apart from your competition.

3 Monthly Payments of

$267 USD





A One-Time Payment of

$727 USD


Module 1 - Setting the Stage

Before we start diving head-first into refining our brand, we need to lay some groundwork:

 ⭐Did you know that one of the biggest reasons holding people back from building a brand is their own belief that they deserve a brand?   I was one of those branders too, so we're clearing out the limiting beliefs that may be holding us back from our own greatness.  We're also creating a personalized "plan of attack" for when those limiting beliefs manifest themselves in your journey.

We better talk to our boss!  Building a brand when working for an organization is exciting, for both you AND your employer.  Let's ensure we're all on the same page about how your brand and its alignment with your company's brand can lead to great business opportunities.  This lesson includes ideas for how to grow your brand internally at your organization and scripts for when you have "the conversation".

⭐We'll also take a high-level look at Leanne's Personal Branding 5 Dimension Framework.  All of our decisions and work comes back to these 5 distinct areas of your brand.

By the end of this module, you'll be pumped and ready to discover your brand!

Module 2 - Defining Your Goals 

In this module, we're going to set your branding goals, and identify your customer's habits and challenges.

 ⭐You recognize that it's important to build a personal brand, but why do YOU want to build a brand.  Once we get clear on your why, the rest of your decisions become easier

⭐Creating a brand won't mean much until we define WHO it is we're talking to!  Getting crystal clear on our ideal cusotmer will help your brand stick and your messaging resonate. 

Ok, now comes the fun stuff!!  Let's learn all about YOU!😃😃

Module 3 - Designing Your Brand

In this module, we're learning all about YOU - your strengths, your passions and your stories.  Your brand is unique to you and you alone, let's find out who you are and start to create some resources around it.

 ⭐We're diving into all areas of your personality, and pulling out the traits that will connect with your ideal customer.

Storyteling is a powerful way to communicate your brand - let's discover your stories and weave them into your marketing

⭐Your unique selling proposition is a delicate combination of both you, and your organization.  Let's do some chemistry and put your USP together!

⭐Now that we have an understanding of your unique combination of traits and talents, we're going to create your brand's mission statement, some  biography draft and elevator pitch scripts 📣

By the end of this module, you'll have a solid sense of what your brand is and can confidently communicate it to others.

Module 4 - Determining Your Platforms

In this module, we're making some decisions about where you can show up to serve your customers and community

 ⭐Looking to leverage social media?  Let's look at the options available, and some pros and cons of each platform

⭐Want to start a blog, video series or podcast?  These are powerful platforms, let's ensure we pick the one right for your and your customer!

⭐Let's not forget the traditional ways of selling, and how you can weave your brand into telephone, email and networking as your sles tools.

By the end of this module, you'll have clarity on your platforms for amplifying your messages.

Module 5 - Developing Your Content

In this module, we're putting pen to paper and creating content that your customers can dive into!  This is where you build and grow relationships, my friend!

 ⭐We'll look at your brand and your customer and create content pillars to help keep your messages organized.

⭐Let's discover your stories and find ways to share them with your community to build common ground and connection

By the end of this module, you'll have ideas galore about what to create for your target audience!

Module 6 - Discovering Your Community

In this module, we're exploring what personal branding is really all about - creating community and forging relationships with our ideal customers.

 ⭐We'll explore various platforms and places to hang out with our customers and get to know them better

⭐Once we find them, we better talk to them!  We'll look at ways to start to build a connection with them without coming across as salesy or spammy.

This brings us to the end of the 5 Dimensions of Personal Branding, but not the end of your Brand Plan Academy journey.....

Module 7 - Your Brand Plan Strategy

In this final module, we're setting up for success as we create a brand strategy that works for you and your schedule.

 ⭐We're exploring a variety of branding activities and how long it will take to complete each activity

⭐From there, we're creating a branding strategy and calendar that suits YOUR schedule.  No "copy and paste" strategies here - we're building out one that works for YOU!


Enroll today and start creating your personal brand strategy!

Brand Plan Academy 

(A $1997 Value)

Help you overcome limiting beliefs thats unique to you and where you are on your personal branding journey

5 Personal Branding Implementation modules that folow the Five Dimensions of Personal Branding - these help you make every key decision required to put your personal brand in motion 

Your personalized Brand Plan Academy workbook where you can record all your branding notes and decisions, with lots of room for additions and changes as your brand grows 

Your personalized Brand Plan Strategy, complete with activities and tactics that fit YOUR schedule 


You'll be given access to one module per week so that you have ample time to dive into the lessons and put pen to paper on your brand before moving on to the next module.  This ensures you make your decisions about your brand in the right order, for maximum results when you start to amplify your brand.



These bonuses to help keep the momentum going as you make decisions about your brand!

Regardless of where you are at in your personal branding journey,  these added supports will help you launch your brand with confidence and clarity!

Bonus #1 - 7 Live Q&A Sessions with Leanne AND a Private WhatsApp Group for Members Only

Keep your momentum going with on-the-spot answers and discussion to help you make decisions about your brand.

(a $1200 value)

 ⭐7 live Q&A sessions, including your questions answered, common stumbling blocks and best practice sharing

A private WhatsApp community where you can share your questions, celebrate your wins and receive personalized feedback on your brand's progress

A place to connect with fellow BPA students to share and exchange ideas and successes

Bonus #2 - 101+ Content Post Ideas

Stuck on what to write?  This engaging list of over 100 content ideas will keep your creative energy flowing for months to come! 

(A $79 value)

 ⭐20+ different content formats

⭐Content ideas that include your organization!  

⭐10+ ideas that specifically address your ideal customer's biggest questions

⭐and 60+ other ideas!


When you add it all up, that's a real-world value of $3276!

But because I believe so strongly that having a personal brand is the most effective way to stand out in the industry, I want to make this as affordable as possible for you.  Enroll today for just....

3 monthly payments of

$267 USD


A one-time payment of

$727 USD


Plus you'll be backed by a 30-day Risk Free Guarantee!

My friend, Brand Plan Academy is a comprehensive guide and roadmap to help you gain clarity on your personal brand and start to put it into action.  It's for hospitality professionals who are COMMITTED to including their brand as part of their business marketing strategy. 

Your personal success is important to me.  Its why I created this course for you and will continue to cheer you on through the community support!

The first two weeks of the 7-week course, you'll have access to the first 2 modules of the course.

Meaning you'll have had the opportunity to discover all the wonderfully unique things about you, and decided which traits to amplify through your brand, as well as created a strategy to help you combat limiting beliefs as they pop during your branding journey.

If you do not feel confident that you can create an engaging personal brand after that time, I will refund your investment.  

Have you got Q's?  Here are some A's....

Enroll today and start creating your personal brand! 

3 Monthly Payments of

$267 USD





A One-Time Payment of

$727 USD


Give Brand Plan Academy a 30-day risk free shot if you believe any of the following:

✅ You know personal branding is important, but you're unsure how to get started and what to talk about!

✅You've dabbled with social media posts in the past, but haven't gained much traction from your ideal customers.

✅ You long to set yourself apart from your competitors, maybe nab an invitation to contribute to industry events, publications and forums.

✅ You're ready to try your hand at inbound marketing, and reduce your cold call prospecting to new clients

✅You're ready to entertain new opportunities and develop a robust personal brand!

🚀    🚀    🚀    🚀    🚀

And you're so ready to put in the work and create a true brand transformation! 

This modular course is not merely a checklist to follow, but rather you'll be asked to thoughtfully consider each question and activity, making your Brand Book truly an original work! 

To receive this type of personal brand coaching and prompts would cost you nearly 5X the investment of Brand Plan Academy (not to mention the Facebook group coaching sessions that are included).  With Lifetime access to this program you can revisit any module at any time to make adjustments when its time for a brand refresh!

Are you ready to share your brand with the world?

Moving Your Brand... Into Action! 

with your guide, Leanne Calderwood


Learn from someone who has gone before you. 

Learn from my trials and mistakes, gain insights from my successes,  benefit from my continued testing and follow a proven framework that will help you achieve your goals and gain traction.

I know exactly how abstract branding can feel, and I know how to turn those abstract notions into concrete action. 

Growing my personal brand changed my business and my life.  I was able to build a thriving business, attract career opportunities, and continually contribute as an industry thought leader. 

I've experienced first-hand the power of owning and growing a personal brand in our vibrant industry.  It set me apart from my competition and provided opportunities I didn't even think of!

If you are ready to attract your own opportunities and grow your personal brand, allow me to be your guide, and use Brand Plan Academy as your road map.

I can't wait to go on this journey with you! 


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3 Monthly Payments of

$267 USD





A One-Time Payment of

$727 USD