Helping you harness the most powerful B2B platform to grow your network, nurture more business opportunities and create an engaging personal brand.


Before I tell you all about this program, let's talk about who this is for....

You're a hospitality professional looking to increase your leads and opportunities using LinkedIn!


You may be experiencing this...

✅ You know LinkedIn is a powerful platform, and you want to see more business and opportunities as a result of your activity!

✅You've worked on your profile in the past, but still unsure if you're hitting the mark

✅ You're excited to take your profile and activity to the next level, and become one of LinkedIn's three million active monthly users!

✅ You're ready to try your hand at inbound marketing, and reduce your cold call prospecting to new clients


By the end of this 3-week online program, you will have:

Created a compelling and engaging LinkedIn profile

You will have created a LinkedIn profile that speaks to your clients and customers and draws them into your brand and your story, resulting in more trust and sales.

The tools to make connections

You will have the research tools at hand to find the right people and reach out to them via LinkedIn's connection and messaging tools saving you time and money.

The confidence to create content 

Whether you're interacting with someone else's content or creating your own thought-pieces, you'll have the confidence to put your brand out there, and engage your customers through inbound marketing.

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3 Monthly Payments of

$99 USD





A One-Time Payment of

$247 USD


Hear from some of the course's Graduates!

Stephanie Lynch - Edmonton Tourism

"Being in the tourism and hospitality industry there are many breakout sessions at conferences that I have been able to attend on LinkedIn as a topic, although I learned many new ways to use the platform it wasn’t until I took this course that I could really dig deeper into some of the areas and feel assured that I am using it to its full capacity.  I would highly recommend this course!"

Kathy Fortier - Legal Education Society of Alberta

"For anyone that is new to LinkedIn, I would highly recommend Leanne’s LinkedIn course. She has made this course very easy to follow, understand and navigate your way through LinkedIn. Throughout each lesson, I took away valuable information that I was able to execute immediately. Since taking the course, my social selling index has also increased."

Shawn Cheng, CMP, DES -  MCI Group

"LinkedIn has become an essential social media site for me, and I used it almost daily. LinkedIn is not just a digital resume anymore and has become a powerful tool for professionals like you and me in the business and hospitality industries.

The course Leanne put together is excellent. No matter what level of familiarity you have with LinkedIn, you will find something helpful in it."

What you'll find inside of Profile to Profit

Module 1 - Setting the Stage

Before we even start creating our new Rockstar profile, we have some homework to do:

 ⭐Go through some initial login, privacy and notification settings; this will come in handy as you start enhancing your profile

⭐A comprehensive Define Your Target Audience Exercise - this is going to act as your personal guide through the remainder of the course - don't skip this part!

By the end of this module, you'll be pumped and ready to tackle your profile!


Module 2 - Creating a Compelling LinkedIn profile

In this module, we're going through your profile, section by section, to ensure each and every word has impact and meaning:

 ⭐Learn the in's and out's of a professional photo and customized background photo

⭐Create a killer headline that will make your viewer go "who is this genius and how do I get to know them better?"

⭐Attract your target audience through a compelling About section 

Decide if LinkedIn's Creator Mode is the right feature for you

⭐Round out your profile with additional information sure to connect with anyone in your target audience network 

By the end of this module, your profile will be complete!  Now its time to start getting eyes on it!


Module 3 - Engaging with Connections and Prospects

In this module, we're going to connect with our target audience, not just to add connections, but to create the start of beautiful relationships.

 ⭐Learn the in's and out's LinkedIn connections and how they work

⭐Find ideal connections using LinkedIn's search function and other features

⭐The art of sending invitations to connect

⭐Using LinkedIn messaging to further the relationship

By the end of this module, your network will start to grow!  Now, let's start engaging with all these beautiful people!


Module 4 - The 3 Pillars of Effective LinkedIn Engagement

We finish the course by discussing how to engage with our target audience.

 ⭐Discovering the 5 types of content that work well on LinkedIn, and how to create a healthy balance of content

⭐Learning how to create content in 5 of Linkedin's most popular formats, including polls, carousel posts and LinkedIn Stories

Discover the ONE secret strategy that can elevate your brand above all other activities

By the end of this course, you will have the confidence to start engaging on the platform, and move from passive observer to active participant.


Enroll today and start creating a new LinkedIn future!

 ⭐A comprehensive Defining Your Target Audience exercise (this really sets the base for all the great work you're going to do on your profile and through your content!)

Five in-depth lessons taking you through each aspect of your profile.  We're breaking it down and ensuring each word compels your audience to learn more about you and your product!

Four deep-dive lessons covering the in's and out's of LinkedIn Connections and Messaging, giving you all the tools you need to start actively growing your network and personal brand.

Lessons covering the The Three Pillars of Engagement - learn how to start to engage your audience with content and insights, building trust with your prospects and customers.



These bonuses to help keep the momentum going once your new profile is ready!

Regardless of your course level, there's a community of support and like-minded go-getters, as well as easy prompts to ensure your daily LinkedIn experience creates energy and momentum!

Bonus 1 - Four Live Group Coaching Calls

Profile to Profit students have access to Leanne weekly for 4 weeks to discuss:

 ⭐Q&A that may arise from the lessons

Connect with other like-minded professionals and chat all things LinkedIn 

⭐Ask for real-time feedback on your LinkedIn profile from industry peers

⭐Learn from Leanne about the latest tips and hacks for using the platform

⭐Stay on top of platform updates

(a $600 value) 

Bonus 2 - LinkedIn In 10 Minutes a Day!!

This incredible guide will give you a ton of ideas on how to spend time on LinkedIn and build your personal brand in only 10 minutes a day!

 ⭐Themes for each day of the week

⭐Detailed lists of activities for each day of the week  

⭐A sample weekly calendar of activities

⭐Three sample monthly calendars of activities

⭐A blank calendar template for you to create your own personalized LinkedIn schedule of activities

(a $99 value!)

Bonus 3 - LinkedIn Invitation Swipe Copy

What is swipe copy?  It means the hard work has been done for you!  These text templates will help you save time, and save your creativity for other strategic projects.

 ⭐Copy and paste templates of greetings to send when you personalize your LinkedIn invitations 

⭐Copy for a variety of occasions - think of it as a box of greeting cards, ready to use!

(a $49 value)

Profile to Profit Course - $499 Value

 ⭐Bonus 1 - 4 Coaching Calls with Leanne  - $600 value

LinkedIn in 10 Minutes a Day - $97 Value

LinkedIn Invitation Swipe Copy - $49 value



But when you enroll today, you'll get access to everything for just:

3 Monthly Payments of

$99 USD





A One-Time Payment of

$247 USD


Plus you'll be backed by a 7-day Risk Free Guarantee!

My friend, your success is important to me.  Its why I created this course for you and will continue to cheer you on through the community support!

 The first week (7 days) of the 4-week course will be spent doing some "pre-work" to help set you up for success as you tackle your profile. 

If after completing your pre-work exercise in the first module,  you do not feel confident that you can build out a compelling LinkedIn profile, I will refund your investment.  


Still have questions? 

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3 Monthly Payments of

$99 USD





A One-Time Payment of

$247 USD


Profile to Profit is PERFECT for you if:

⭐You've tried a few of those LinkedIn profile checklists out there and never quite got the results you were looking for. 

 ⭐ You're ready to set yourself apart from the pack and make inbound marketing part of your prospecting mix!

⭐You see the potential power of LinkedIn and want to experience that power for yourself and your business

⭐You're ready to entertain new opportunities and develop a robust personal brand!

This modular course is not merely a checklist of features for you to have in your profile, but rather you'll be asked to thoughtfully consider each word and action in each section.  Your profile should be a reflection of you as a personal brand 
and create a desire in your target audience to engage further. 

After optimizing your profile, your target audience will WANT to connect with you and start a business relationship! 
We want that for you too! 

Since taking this thoughtful approach to my LinkedIn profile, I've seen my connections grow, and my personal brand skyrocket. 
If you want YOUR personal brand to grow, this course is the road map on how to get there.

Are you ready to create YOUR rockstar LinkedIn profile?

I can't wait for you to join

Profile to Profit!!


Hey there friend, it's Leanne!  Yes, I'm a bit of LinkedIn geek, but it's only because I see the immense value in the platform.  I don't fancy myself a time-waster, so I'm only going to invest in things that can help me grow my business and my brand.  And LinkedIn has been that for me for the past several years!    

Since taking a more thoughtful approach to my LinkedIn profile, I've reached audiences I never thought possible and my visibility on LinkedIn has provided me with business and opportunities I only dreamed of.

If you are looking for a change to your prospecting methods, and want YOUR personal brand to grow, this course is the road map on how to get there. 

Are you ready to level-up your LinkedIn game?  I hope to see you there!

To your success,

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3 Monthly Payments of

$99 USD





A One-Time Payment of

$247 USD